Debt Consolidation Loan

Are you having several different credit agreements or loans in place? Finding it tricky keeping track of them all? Due to which you can get your finances messed up and miss payments, which can soon get into big trouble. With our debt consolidation loan, you can simply shift all your borrowing, or a significant chunk of it, onto the one loan.

Keeping an eye on multiple bills with multiple interest rates is not required. You just take care of repaying one bill. Our single repayment allows you to manage your cash efficiently.

Call us right now at 6224 1300 for availing the benefits of debt consolidation loan schemes and get a free consultation by our professional loan executive.

Why should you choose us?

Now say goodbye to the tension of finance arrangements and repayment of loans throughout the month as debt consolidation loan is accessible on our web portal-

  • No more headache of the repayment for different bills anymore, single bill payment at one click accessible
  • Save money on rate of interests you have been paying since long
  • Safe and sound loan planning system
  • Lesser interest charges applied in comparison to versatile bill interest charges

Am I eligible?

  • The applicant should be 21 or above
  • You must possess a valid ID card and keep it handy while applying
  • The yearly income should be minimum S$20,000 or above
  • A Singapore citizen with an NRIC, permanent resident (PR) or foreigner with an S-Pass/Employment Pass Holder.

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