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How to compare Moneylenders in Singapore

Publish Date:July 12, 2017

With the introduction of the new rule, the Moneylenders in Singapore are free to provide a loan at maximum 4% interest rate per month to the customers. With this reform, citizens of this country have a golden opportunity to avail loans for living their dream life and meeting all the financial requirement. You can now apply online and get the loan approved in a just few minutes. However, before you make the final deal, it is always advised to pick the right money lender and compare the options that are available online. For this, make sure to follow the below provided steps while comparing moneylenders and enjoy the hassle free loan service.

Explore the website: This is the best way to explore the websites of selected Moneylenders in Singapore. Contact the experts and get details of the elements of interest rates, application process, loan amount, documents, etc. You can compare the loan packages, amount and the repayment feasibility.

Personal experience of previous customers: Go for the reviews provided by the previous customers or friends and pick the best money lender. This is the best firsthand experience that will provide you genuine information on particular moneylenders in your area.

Compare Fees and charges: Before jumping to finalize the loan, compare the interest rates and charges that each individual charge for the particular loan amount. This could include processing fees, insurance charges or any other cost to loan.

Interest rate: Make sure to compare the interest rates as this is the major factor that will play a vital role in any loan repayment. Pick among the best Moneylenders in Singapore that provide genuine interest rate.

Understand terms and conditions: Finally, make sure to read all the terms and conditions of the loan. This is the place where you will be trapped by most of the fraud money lenders and will put you in trouble.