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Available types of short term loans offered in Singapore

Publish Date:December 22, 2016

Many of us make good amount money from our regular salaried life, but sometimes situations do arise where we are in need of extra fund for some immediate needs in life. To support such need the introduction of moneylenders services happened in Singapore. There are different types of short term loans which are offered to the people in Singapore.

Debt consolidation loan: If you are the one having huge debt and finding it difficult managing the debt, then debt consolidation loan Singapore will be the ideal choice for you. Best and most effective loan to manage debt in an affordable manner in difficult times of life.

Credit preservation loan: If you are looking to maintain your credit standing strong by keeping a control on the debt of your credit card then Credit preservation loan will be the best choice for you. To rehabilitate the credit worthiness of a person this loan appears to be the right choice.

Pay day loan: This is short period unsecured loan given to a person based on the income in form of salary. The repayment of the loan needs to be done on the next pay day of the applicant. The rate of interest is bit high than rest short term loans in the market.

Personal loan: This is another unsecured loan which is given for shorter duration, but more than the durations given to above 3 short term loans.  The amount given as personal loan can be used for any personal needs of the application and need to be returned in monthly installments which will include both principle and interest.

There are some leading firms in the industry which are offering excellent moneylender’s services. Search online to get the list of trusted and legalized short term loan providers in Singapore.